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The OCVA E-mail Alert List

The OCVA E-mail alert list allows us to contact you quickly when issues need your attention, or when there's important news about OCVA activities.  When the Legislature is in session, there will be many times when it's important that OCVA members mobilize quickly to support a bill that's being considered.  Your calls or testimony can make a BIG difference in the outcome!

Because things often happen quickly, the best way for us to contact you is via our E-mail alert list.

And with our move to electronic newsletter distribution, you will also be notified when the latest newsletter is available.

So subscribe now, and stay informed about the latest developments!

You may use the form below to subscribe or unsubscribe from the list.  Please note: this form currently just sends e-mail to the OCVA list administrator; it does not directly subscribe or unsubscribe you.  You should allow a day or two for your request to be processed.

I wish to: subscribe   unsubscribe
E-mail address:

If you have problems with the E-mail alert list, please contact the OCVA list administrator.

This page last modified on 2006-11-15 08:52.