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OCVA's anti-SLAPP Initiative

June 27, 2001 update

Governor signs anti-SLAPP bill

After four plus years, mission accomplished!  Yesterday, Governor John Kitzhaber signed the anti-SLAPP suit legislation into law.  We want to thank all of those who attended the signing ceremony and worked on this legislation over the past few years--and there were a lot of you.  Please see the Gazette Times article, "Kitzhaber signs anti-SLAPP measure".

Please read the final bill text for details of what's in the bill.

We were a little bit disappointed that we didn't have better media coverage of the signing ceremony.  We were assured by the larger papers that they would help us spread the word that this law is now on the books to help citizens who may be abused by SLAPPs. Getting the law passed is only half the battle; the other half is informing the public that it exists.

Therefore, we are asking all 30 OCVA cities with voter annexation charter amendments to put something in their city newsletters sharing this information with their constituents. As most of you know, the majority of your city councils passed resolutions supporting HB 2460, so this is their victory also. To the other organizations and groups, including Metro, we are asking that you do everything you can to network this information as broadly as possible, i.e., via letters to the editor, organizational newsletters, and on web sites.


Bill history and status of any measure:


Read the bill:

As introduced:

House amendments (April 20):

A-engrossed version (April 20, includes above amendments):

B-engrossed version (includes Senate amendments):

Enrolled (final) version:

Access a wealth of background information prepared by DLCD, including previous testimony and editorials:


The above site contains many PDF documents.  To read PDF documents you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have a copy you can download it free from Adobe.
Get Adobe Acrobat reader


06-06-2001  Anti-SLAPP bill gets final OK

05-18-2001  Senate Judiciary Passes Amended Anti-SLAPP Bill

05-07-2001  House Passes SLAPP Protection Bill

04-26-2001  House to vote on SLAPP protection bill today!

03-19-2001  SLAPP protection bill hearing scheduled for March 19

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