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Information about Voting on Annexations

Oregon annexation methods and procedures (2013 update, PDF)

Questions and Answers about voting on annexations

Case Law regarding citizens' rights to vote on annexations

A list of Oregon cities that allow citizens to vote on annexations (OCVA member cities)

How To Pursue a City Charter Amendment:  An explanation of the recommended procedure for approaching your City Council to adopt a charter amendment allowing a public vote on annexations.  This is required reading.  Available in HTML, MS Word, and Adobe PDF formats.  The City Elections Manual mentioned in the document may be found at the Secretary of State Elections Division web site, under "Publications and Forms."

City Council Referendum Resolution:  Specific language for a City Council resolution referring to the voters a charter amendment requiring a public vote on annexations.  When you take this to your Council, be sure to include a copy of the Charter Amendment Language (see next paragraph) for them to use as a guide.  Available in MS Word and Adobe PDF formats. 

Initiative Petition with Charter Amendment Language:  This document provides a sample initiative petition that you file with the City so that you may begin collecting signatures. It includes the specific charter amendment language.  Available in MS Word and Adobe PDF formats.

Campaign Finance Guidelines:  Once you get your Charter amendment on the ballot, you'll want to run an effective campaign.  The State Campaign Finance laws change regularly, so be sure you've got the latest Campaign Finance Manual from the Secretary of State Elections Division web site, under "Publications and Forms."  Here's a link to the 2008 Manual.

You'll need to register with the State as a Measure Committee, by filing form SEL 221.  We also recommend filing form PC 7 if you qualify, since it will save you the hassle of filing campaign finance reports. It's not as complicated as it seems, and it can all be done online.  Contact us if you need help.

Charter Amendment Campaign Responses:   How do you respond to the "standard" arguments against voting on annexations?  This document tells you.  Available in HTML, MS Word and Adobe PDF formats.

Samples of Implementing Ordinances:  Congratulations!  Your Charter Amendment has passed and you're now an OCVA member city.  Be sure to let us know so we can add you to the list.  But there's still more to be done.  How can you ensure that citizens are fully informed about annexations they'll be voting on?  How can you preserve important features of your area?  How can you make sure new developments pay for themselves?  The answer is the Implementing Ordinance.  Read our Implementing Ordinance page to learn more about these ordinances and how they complement and complete the voting on annexations process.

To read PDF documents you will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have a copy you can download it free from Adobe.
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