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OCVA document repository

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Growth and its costs

GOVERNOR'S TASK REPORT ON GROWTH (PDF, 2.7MB)  This is an archival version of the report.

ASSESSMENT OF STATEWIDE GROWTH SUBSIDIES IN OREGON (PDF, 1.28MB)  Ground-breaking study funded by Alternatives to Growth Oregon.  Concludes that Oregonians pay over $1 billion per year to subsidize growth in the state. 152 pages. 2002. This is a link to the document on AGO's web site.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF GROWTH SUBSIDIES REPORT (PDF, 499KB)  Executive Summary of the above study. 8 pages. 2002.  This is a link to the document on AGO's web site.

MORE EXTENSIVE IS MORE EXPENSIVE How Sprawl Infrastructure Bankrupts Oregon Communities, and What We Can Do About It (PDF, 3.4MB)  24 pages. 2013.

Fodor and Associates

Does real estate development pay its share of community costs?  Northwest taxpayers, planning advocates, and others interested in answering this question should start with Eben Fodor's research.  Since 1998, Fodor and Associates has been producing detailed studies about the costs of community development in the Northwest.

THE MYTH OF SMART GROWTH The phrase “smart growth” suggests there are options for community development that avoid its negative impacts.  Fodor’s essay urges us to take a closer look at “smart growth” and consider alternatives. (PDF, 168KB)  13 pages. 2012.

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